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Birthdays on May 10

John Charles Ryle (1816 to 1900)
Church of England
He Wrote Seven Volumes on the Gospel.

Birth of John Charles Ryle, leader of Evangelicals within the Church of England, in Cheshire, in a nominally Christian home. Toward the end of his college studies at age 22, he experienced an evangelical conversion. After financial reverses he became a clergyman, and served in a poorly paid curacy. In 1844 he moved to East Anglia, and his ministry afforded deeper study and writing, as well as personal ministry. In 1856, at age 40, he began a seven volume Expository Thoughts on the Gospels, which were completed in 1873.

Grace Gunn (1912 to 1984)
Silent Partner.

Birth of Grace Gunn, who was adopted and named Margaret Smith. She was a very popular young woman, associated with a dance band conducted by a Jack Wyrtzen. While attending the Pinebrook Bible Conference she was converted. In the meantime Jack had also been converted, but was afraid to mention that fact to anyone for fear of hurting his popularity. Shortly after, the question came up, what were they doing here in worldly entertainment? At their marriage, they dedicated their lives to the Lord, and from that point He took charge of their lives. When Word of Life was organized, Marge became "the silent partner," but she always labored with Jack. Now the ministry they built up reaches around the world, and will continue to glorify the Lord. Marge died suddenly New Years Day 1984.


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