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Birthdays on April 26

Alexander Duff (1806 to 1878)
He Lost Everything but His Bible.

Alexander Duff was born in Perthshire, Scotland. He became a notable missionary to India. He sailed with his newly wed wife from London bound for Calcutta on October 14, 1829 aboard the ship Lady Holland. The ship was wrecked near Cape Town, Africa and the Duffs lost everything except the clothes on their backs and their Bible and Psalm book. Eight months and another shipwreck later they arrived in Calcutta in May of 1830. Praising God even more fervently for being thwarted, he founded an English-speaking college in which the Bible was the chief textbook. By 1844 he had a thousand students. In addition he established other institutions; his three furloughs were taken only because of ill health


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