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Birthdays on April 12

Samuel M. Zwemer (1867 to 1952)
Dutch Reform
Missionary to Islam.

Birth of Samuel M. Zwemer, in Michigan. The 13th of 15 children, his parents were devoted Christians, who had emigrated from Europe, and were faithful members of the Dutch Reformed Church. His mother dedicated him to the Lord as she laid him in his cradle. Attending Hope College, Zwemer offered himself for work among the Muslims. He and a companion moved to Basra on the Persian Gulf, and there began a ministry which, although the visible results were few, opened the way to reach more fanatical Muslims with the Gospel. Later the mission moved to Cairo, and at that time Zwemer's field of ministry embraced the whole world. He wrote over fifty books, spoke in any place where Christians would allow themselves to become stirred for the Lord, and witnessed to anyone who would converse with him.


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