Birthdays on April 5

Booker T. Washington (1856 to 1915)
Founder of Tuskugee.

Birth of Booker T. Washington an African-American man who did much for his own people and poor whites of the southern states by teaching them trades and self-reliance. Born to slave parents, and learning early to work hard in secular employment, he was so poor when he went looking for an education that he had to sleep under a board sidewalk. But he applied himself, and at age 16 enrolled at Hampton Institute and Industrial School, graduating at 19. He taught school for three years, then attended Wayland Seminary, Washington, D.C. At 25 he opened a school for black youths at Tuskugee, Alabama with 50 students in two old buildings. At his death at age 59, there were 40 buildings, 1500 students and a faculty of 200 to carry on the work. By then sonic 8,000 young African Americans had been trained, and had become useful citizens. His secret to success? Faith in God.


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