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Birthdays on April 4

William White (1748 to 1836)
Episcopal Church
Leading Figure in Forming Episcopal Church.

Birth of William White who was the leading figure in establishing the Episcopal Church in America, independent of the state, and independent of the Church of England. Ordained at 24, he became head of the Episcopal church in Philadelphia at 31, and in 1786 he was elected as first Bishop of Pennsylvanina, a position he held until his death. He was also influential in the Sunday school movement, assisting at the foundation of the first US Sunday school.

Ernest Warburton Shurtleff (1862 to 1917)
Congregational Church
"Lead on, O King Eternal."

Ernest Warburton Shurtleff, Congregational pastor, missionary and student chaplain, was born in Boston. After holding pastorates in California, Massachusetts and Minnesota from 1898-1905, He organized the American Church at Frankfort, Germany in 1905. The following year he began working with American students in Paris. During World War I, he and his wife participated in relief work. He published several books of poetry, and authored the hymn "Lead On, O King Eternal."

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