Birthdays on March 28

Teresa of avila (1515 to 1582)
First Woman Church Doctor.

Teresa of Avila was born in Spain. She became a noted Roman Catholic mystic and the first woman doctor of the church.

Donald Grey Barnhouse (1895 to 1960)
Signing a $40,000 Contract with Just $10 in Pocket.

Donald Grey Barnhouse was born at Watsonville, California. In 1927 he began a 33-year pastorate at Tenth Presbyterian Church in Philadelphia. In 1928, after 12 months of broadcasting his vesper services on a Philadelphia radio station, Barnhouse had $10 in his treasury. On faith, he signed a $40,000 contract with CBS to broadcast coast to coast. He was the respected editor of two outstanding Christian magazines, Revelation, and later, Eternity he was the author of The Invisible War (his most widely read and discussed book), and the teacher on weekly broadcast the Bible Study Hour.


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