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Birthdays on March 24

John Antes (1740 to 1811)
First American Missionary to Egypt.

John Antes was born at Fredericksburg, Pennsylvania. A watchmaker by profession, in 1746 he was "called for service" to the international headquarters of the Moravians in Herrnhut, Saxony; was ordained in 1769, and spent 12 years as a missionary in Egypt, the first American missionary to serve in that country. During his final two years there he experienced severe beatings ordered by the Turk, Osman Bey, who tried to extort money from him. He left Egypt in 1781, spent two years in Germany, and then settled in Fulneck, England. He composed a number of choral works for quartets and instruments, and some chorales, and is acclaimed as one of the finest early American composers of sacred music.

Francis Jane Crosby (1820 to 1915)
Blind Hymnwriter Saw God's Glories.

Frances "Fanny" J. Crosby was born. Blinded by a quack treatment in infancy, she became a notable hymn writer and evangelist. In fifty years she penned over 2,000 hymns, many of which remain favorites of congregations where Christ is worshipped. Among them are "To God Be the Glory," "Blessed Assurance," "Rescue the Perishing," and "Draw Me Nearer." Despite the many misfortunes of her life, which included the death of her only child, she joyful.


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