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Birthdays on March 14

William Fidden Moulton (1835 to 1898)
One of the Finest Greek Scholars

William Fidden Moulton was born at Leek, Staffordshire, England. Coming from a strong Methodist family, Moulton excelled in Biblical languages and grammar. In 1870 he translated Winer's Definitive German Grammar of New Testament Greek. He was generally acknowledged to be one of the finest Greek scholars of his generation. In 1897, in collaboration with A. S. Gedden, he completed his greatest work, A Concordance of the Greek New Testament. Moulton also produced a Commentary on Hebrews and one on the Gospel of John.

Henry Barclay Swete (1835 to 1917)
Church of England
The Old Testament in Greek

Henry Barclay Swete was born in Bristol, England. In addition to pastoring several parishes, he also taught at King's College, London, and at Cambridge, remaining there 25 years. His best writing was in the field of Biblical language. In 1887-91 he published perhaps his greatest treatise: The Old Testament in Greek.


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