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Birthdays on March 7

Alfred Edersheim (1825 to 1889)
Church of England
He Wrote the Life and Times of Jesus

Alfred Edersheim was born in Vienna, Austria. A Jew, he converted to Christianity before age 20, and was ordained a Presbyterian clergyman in 1846. In 1875 he transferred his ordination to the Church of England. Of his many writings, the most widely read is undoubtedly his Life and Times of Jesus the Messiah, still in print.

Peter Cameron Scott (1867 to 1896)
Young Victim of Blackwater Fever

Birth of Peter Cameron Scott, pioneer missionary and founder of the Africa Inland Mission. Scott led the little band of missionaries (five men and three women, including his sister, Margaret) that first reached Mombasa, Kenya, Oct. 17, 1895. A month later the group had penetrated 250 miles inland, to Nzawi, where they set up their first base. Peter's father and mother also joined the mission. But Peter came down with blackwater fever the following year and died, at age 29. Hundreds of others have followed in Scott's footsteps under the mission he founded.


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