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Sanctity of Human Life Sunday

Tim Challies
Tim Challies
2012 5 Jan

When it comes to Christians and the question of abortion, nearly all of us probably fall into one of three categories. 1) To some degree we are active in the pro-life cause. 2) We sometimes wonder whether we should be. 3) We are aware that abortion is a serious issue, but we have never taken the time to understand it.

Cruciform Press, the publishing company I cofounded, recently issued a book that will meet you where you are, no matter which category you fall into. Innocent Blood: Challenging the Powers of Death with the Gospel of Life, was written by John Ensor, a pastor and a veteran of the pro-life cause. His short book informs, inspires, encourages, and convicts, all from a solid theological footing.

Speaker and Crossway author Scott Klusendorf writes, “John Ensor provides a bridge between the defense of innocent human life and the proclamation of the gospel. His concisely worded thesis is theologically grounded, philosophically sound, and gives pastors the tools to engage the culture on the burning moral question of our day.” Aarong Armstrong read over 100 books this year and said that Innocent Blood was his favorite.

Just in time for Sanctity of Human Life Sunday, observed in the States this year on January 22, Cruciform Press is offering a great deal on this powerful little book. To help you decide if you would like to make copies available in your church, small group, or pregnancy help center, we are giving away half of the book for free and offering a PDF of the entire book for $2.99.

The details are here