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Woke Culture

Paul Dean
Paul Dean
2019 21 Oct

It’s a new normal in American culture: a culture in which seismic upheavals in terms of worldview and resulting legislation are wreaking havoc. A major segment of academia, a large segment of political pundits, and a growing segment of the population now believe in some sense that white persons are racist simply because they are white. More specifically, because they are the beneficiaries of white privilege, they are racist by necessity whether they realize it or not. As Stephanie Wildman declared, “all whites are racist in this [systemic] use of the term because we benefit from systemic white privilege.”

As with all things, there’s a worldview behind this new normal. In popular parlance it’s referred to as Cultural Marxism, while in academic circles it’s referred to as Critical Theory. Neil Shenvi defines Critical Theory as “an ideology that divides the world into oppressed groups and oppressor groups and seeks to liberate the oppressed.” He points out that “it is currently the reigning theoretical paradigm in academic disciplines like gender studies, critical pedagogy, critical race theory, anthropology, and queer theory, and forms the ideological foundation for large segments of the secular social justice movement.” The oppressed as well as the oppressors must come to see the so-called truth of the situation. They must be “woke.”

Certainly, racism is wrong. But is one a racist simply by virtue of being white or anything else for that matter? The testimony of scripture is no. God is the one who made us who we are.

Accordingly, a primary need for Christians is to think at a worldview level. These issues are not mere differing political opinions. They’re issues rooted in a worldview diametrically opposed to Christ and his gospel. These are in fact gospel issues in a sense. Certainly it is the gospel that saves, but the gospel has implications for civil society and God’s program for humanity. God’s kingdom is brought to bear when persons come to know Him, but it’s also brought to bear when those who know Him influence society for His glory and the good of those in that society. It’s part and parcel of being salt and light, and It’s time for Christians, not to become woke, but to be awakened for the task.

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