An Appeal to God against the Enemy

741 Of God, why have you put us away from you for ever? why is the fire of your wrath smoking against the sheep who are your care? 2 Keep in mind your band of worshippers, for whom you gave payment in the days which are past, whom you took for yourself as the people of your heritage; even this mountain of Zion, which has been your resting-place. 3 Go up and see the unending destruction; all the evil which your haters have done in the holy place; 4 Sending out their voices like lions among your worshippers; they have put up their signs to be seen. 5 They are cutting down, like a man whose blade is lifted up against the thick trees. 6 Your doors are broken down with hammers and iron blades. 7 They have put on fire your holy place; they have made the place of your name unclean, pulling it down to the earth. 8 They have said in their hearts, Let us put an end to them all together; they have given over to the fire all God's places of worship in the land. 9 We do not see our signs: there is no longer any prophet, or anyone among us to say how long. 10 O God, how long will those who are against us say cruel things? will the hater go on looking down on your name for ever? 11 Why are you keeping back your hand, and covering your right hand in your robe?

12 For from the past God is my King, working salvation in the earth. 13 The sea was parted in two by your strength; the heads of the great sea-beasts were broken. 14 The heads of the great snake were crushed by you; you gave them as food to the fishes of the sea. 15 You made valleys for fountains and springs; you made the ever-flowing rivers dry. 16 The day is yours and the night is yours: you made the light and the sun. 17 By you all the limits of the earth were fixed; you have made summer and winter.

18 Keep this in mind, O Lord, that your haters have said cruel things, and that your name has been looked down on by a people of evil behaviour. 19 O give not the soul of your dove to the hawk; let not the life of the poor go out of your memory for ever. 20 Keep in mind your undertaking; for the dark places of the earth are full of pride and cruel acts. 21 O let not the crushed be turned back in shame; let the low man and the poor give praise to your name. 22 Up! O God, be the judge of your cause; keep in mind the bitter things which the man of evil behaviour says against you every day. 23 Keep in mind the voice of your haters; the outcry of those who come against you goes up every day.

God Abases the Wicked and Exalts the Righteous

751 To you, O God, we give praise, to you we give praise: and those who give honour to your name make clear your works of power. 2 When the right time has come, I will be the judge in righteousness. 3 When the earth and all its people become feeble, I am the support of its pillars. (Selah.) 4 I say to the men of pride, Let your pride be gone: and to the sinners, Let not your horn be lifted up. 5 Let not your horn be lifted up: let no more words of pride come from your outstretched necks.

6 For honour does not come from the east, or from the west, or uplifting from the south; 7 But God is the judge, putting down one, and lifting up another. 8 For in the hand of the Lord is a cup, and the wine is red; it is well mixed, overflowing from his hand: he will make all the sinners of the earth take of it, even to the last drop. 9 But I will ever be full of joy, making songs of praise to the God of Jacob. 10 By him will all the horns of the sinners be cut off; but the horns of the upright will be lifted up.

The God of Victory and Judgment

761 In Judah is the knowledge of God; his name is great in Israel, 2 In Salem is his tent, his resting-place in Zion. 3 There were the arrows of the bow broken, there he put an end to body-cover, sword, and fight. (Selah.) 4 You are shining and full of glory, more than the eternal mountains. 5 Gone is the wealth of the strong, their last sleep has overcome them; the men of war have become feeble. 6 At the voice of your wrath, O God of Jacob, deep sleep has overcome carriage and horse.

7 You, you are to be feared; who may keep his place before you in the time of your wrath? 8 From heaven you gave your decision; the earth, in its fear, gave no sound, 9 When God took his place as judge, for the salvation of the poor on the earth. (Selah.) 10 The ... will give you praise; the rest of ... 11 Give to the Lord your God what is his by right; let all who are round him give offerings to him who is to be feared. 12 He puts an end to the wrath of rulers; he is feared by the kings of the earth.

Comfort from Recalling God's Mighty Deeds

771 I was crying to God with my voice; even to God with my voice, and he gave ear to me. 2 In the day of my trouble, my heart was turned to the Lord: my hand was stretched out in the night without resting; my soul would not be comforted. 3 I will keep God in memory, with sounds of grief; my thoughts are troubled, and my spirit is overcome. (Selah.) 4 You keep my eyes from sleep; I am so troubled that no words come. 5 My thoughts go back to the days of the past, to the years which are gone. 6 The memory of my song comes back to me in the night; my thoughts are moving in my heart; my spirit is searching with care. 7 Will the Lord put me away for ever? will he be kind no longer? 8 Is his mercy quite gone for ever? has his word come to nothing? 9 Has God put away the memory of his pity? are his mercies shut up by his wrath? (Selah.) 10 And I said, It is a weight on my spirit; but I will keep in mind the years of the right hand of the Most High.

11 I will keep in mind the works of Jah: I will keep the memory of your wonders in the past. 12 I will give thought to all your work, while my mind goes over your acts of power. 13 Your way, O God, is holy: what god is so great as our God? 14 You are the God who does works of power: you have made your strength clear to the nations. 15 With your arm you have made your people free, the sons of Jacob and Joseph. (Selah.) 16 The waters saw you, O God; the waters saw you, they were in fear: even the deep was troubled. 17 The clouds sent out water; the skies gave out a sound; truly, your arrows went far and wide. 18 The voice of your thunder went rolling on; the world was flaming with the light of the storm; the earth was shaking. 19 Your way was in the sea, and your road in the great waters; there was no knowledge of your footsteps. 20 You were guiding your people like a flock, by the hand of Moses and Aaron.