6 When their judges are overthrown in stony places, they shall hear my words; for they are sweet.

Other Translations of Psalm 141:6

New International Version

6 Their rulers will be thrown down from the cliffs, and the wicked will learn that my words were well spoken.

English Standard Version

6 When their judges are thrown over the cliff,Or When their judges fall into the hands of the Rock then they shall hear my words, for they are pleasant.

The Message

6 Oh, let their leaders be pushed off a high rock cliff; make them face the music.

New King James Version

6 Their judges are overthrown by the sides of the cliff, And they hear my words, for they are sweet.

New Living Translation

6 When their leaders are thrown down from a cliff, the wicked will listen to my words and find them true.

Matthew Henry's Commentary on Psalm 141:6

Commentary on Psalm 141:5-10

(Read Psalm 141:5-10)

We should be ready to welcome the rebuke of our heavenly Father, and also the reproof of our brethren. It shall not break my head, if it may but help to break my heart: we must show that we take it kindly. Those who slighted the word of God before, will be glad of it when in affliction, for that opens the ear to instruction. When the world is bitter, the word is sweet. Let us lift our prayer unto God. Let us entreat him to rescue us from the snares of Satan, and of all the workers of iniquity. In language like this psalm, O Lord, would we entreat that our poor prayers should set forth our only hope, our only dependence on thee. Grant us thy grace, that we may be prepared for this employment, being clothed with thy righteousness, and having all the gifts of thy Spirit planted in our hearts.