29 Lo, all these things worketh God oftentimes [1] with man,

Other Translations of Job 33:29

New International Version

29 "God does all these things to a person- twice, even three times-

English Standard Version

29 "Behold, God does all these things, twice, three times, with a man,

The Message

29 "This is the way God works. Over and over again

New King James Version

29 "Behold, God works all these things, Twice, in fact, three times with a man,

New Living Translation

29 "Yes, God does these things again and again for people.

Matthew Henry's Commentary on Job 33:29

Commentary on Job 33:29-33

(Read Job 33:29-33)

Elihu shows that God's great and gracious design toward the children of men, is, to save them from being for ever miserable, and to bring them to be for ever happy. By whatever means we are kept back from the we shall bless the Lord for them at least, and should bless him for them though they be painful and distressing. Those that perish for ever are without excuse, for they would not be healed.