Psalm 43 Bible Commentary

Jamieson, Faussett, and Brown

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Ps 43:1-5. Excepting the recurrence of the refrain, there is no good reason to suppose this a part of the preceding, though the scope is the same. It has always been placed separate.

1. Judge--or, "vindicate" (Ps 10:18).
plead, &c.-- (Ps 35:1).
ungodly--neither in character or condition objects of God's favor (compare Ps 4:3).

2. God of my strength--by covenant relation my stronghold (Ps 18:1).
cast me off--in scorn.
because--or, "in," that is, in such circumstances of oppression.

3. light--as in Ps 27:1.
truth--or, "faithfulness" (Ps 25:5), manifest it by fulfilling promises. Light and truth are personified as messengers who will bring him to the privileged place of worship.
tabernacles--plural, in allusion to the various courts.

4. the altar--as the chief place of worship. The mention of the harp suggests the prominence of praise in his offering.