Psalm 114 Bible Commentary

Jamieson, Faussett, and Brown

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Ps 114:1-8. The writer briefly and beautifully celebrates God's former care of His people, to whose benefit nature was miraculously made to contribute.

1-4. of strange language--(compare Ps 81:5).

4. skipped . . . rams-- (Ps 29:6), describes the waving of mountain forests, poetically representing the motion of the mountains. The poetical description of the effect of God's presence on the sea and Jordan alludes to the history (Ex 14:21; Jos 3:14-17). Judah is put as a parallel to Israel, because of the destined, as well as real, prominence of that tribe.

5-8. The questions place the implied answers in a more striking form.

7. at the presence of--literally, "from before," as if affrighted by the wonderful display of God's power. Well may such a God be trusted, and great should be His praise.