Psalm 111 Bible Commentary

Jamieson, Faussett, and Brown

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Ps 111:1-10. The Psalmist celebrates God's gracious dealings with His people, of which a summary statement is given.

1. Praise ye the Lord--or, Hallelujah (Ps 104:35). This seems to serve as a title to those of the later Psalms, which, like this, set forth God's gracious government and its blessed fruits. This praise claims the
whole heart-- (Ps 86:12), and is rendered publicly.
upright--a title of the true Israel (Ps 32:11).

2. His works, that is, of providence and grace are
sought--or, carefully studied, by all desiring to know them.

3, 4. honourable and glorious--literally, "honor and majesty," which illustrate His glorious perfections.
righteousness-- (Ps 7:17; 31:1), which He has made memorable by wonders of love and mercy, in supplying the wants of His people according to covenant engagements.

6-8. His power was shown especially in giving them the promised land, and His faithfulness and justice thus displayed are, like His precepts, reliable and of permanent obligation.

9. The deliverance He provided accorded to His established covenant. Thus He manifested Himself in the sum of His perfections (Ps 20:1, 7; 22:3) worthy of reverence.

10. And hence love and fear of such a God is the chief element of true wisdom (compare Pr 1:7; 9:10).