Psalm 50 Bible in Basic English

God Is the Judge

50 1 The God of gods, even the Lord, has sent out his voice, and the earth is full of fear; from the coming up of the sun to its going down. 2 From Zion, most beautiful of places, God has sent out his light. 3 Our God will come, and will not keep quiet; with fire burning before him, and storm-winds round him. 4 His voice will go out to the heavens and to the earth, for the judging of his people: 5 Let my saints come together to me; those who have made an agreement with me by offerings. 6 And let the heavens make clear his righteousness; for God himself is the judge. (Selah.)

7 Give ear, O my people, to my words; O Israel, I will be a witness against you; I am God, even your God. 8 I will not take up a cause against you because of your offerings, or because of your burned offerings, which are ever before me. 9 I will take no ox out of your house, or he-goats from your flocks; 10 For every beast of the woodland is mine, and the cattle on a thousand hills. 11 I see all the birds of the mountains, and the beasts of the field are mine. 12 If I had need of food, I would not give you word of it; for the earth is mine and all its wealth. 13 Am I to take the flesh of the ox for my food, or the blood of goats for my drink? 14 Make an offering of praise to God; keep the agreements which you have made with the Most High; 15 Let your voice come up to me in the day of trouble; I will be your saviour, so that you may give glory to me.

16 But to the sinner, God says, What are you doing, talking of my laws, or taking the words of my agreement in your mouth? 17 Seeing that you have no desire for my teaching, turning your back on my words. 18 When you saw a thief, you were in agreement with him, and you were joined with those who took other men's wives. 19 You have given your mouth to evil, your tongue to words of deceit. 20 You say evil of your brother; you make false statements against your mother's son. 21 These things have you done, and I said nothing; it seemed to you that I was such a one as yourself; but I will make a protest against you, and put them in order before your eyes. 22 Now keep this in mind, you who have no memory of God, for fear that you may be crushed under my hand, with no one to give you help: 23 Whoever makes an offering of praise gives glory to me; and to him who is upright in his ways I will make clear the salvation of God.

Psalm 53 Bible in Basic English

The Folly and Wickedness of Men

53 1 The foolish man has said in his heart, God will not do anything. They are unclean, they have done evil works; there is not one who does good. 2 God was looking down from heaven on the children of men, to see if there were any who had wisdom, searching after God. 3 Every one of them has gone back; they are unclean: there is not one who does good, no, not one. 4 Have the workers of evil no knowledge? they take my people for food, as they would take bread; they make no prayer to God. 5 They were in great fear, where there was no cause for fear: for the bones of those who make war on you have been broken by God; you have put them to shame, because God has no desire for them. 6 May the salvation of Israel come out of Zion! When the fate of his people is changed by God, Jacob will have joy, and Israel will be glad.

Psalm 60 Bible in Basic English

A Prayer for Help against the Foe

60 1 God, you have put us away from you, you have sent us in all directions, you have been angry; O be turned to us again. 2 By the power of your hand the earth is shaking and broken; make it strong again, for it is moved. 3 You have made the people see hard times; you have given us the wine of shaking for our drink. 4 Give a safe place to those who have fear of you, where they may go in flight from before the bow. (Selah.) 5 So that your loved ones may be made safe, let your right hand be my salvation, and give me an answer.

6 God has said in his holy place, I will be glad: I will make a division of Shechem, and the valley of Succoth will be measured out. 7 Gilead is mine, and Manasseh is mine; and Ephraim is the strength of my head; Judah is my law-giver; 8 Moab is my washpot; over Edom will I put out my shoe; over Philistia will a glad cry be sounded. 9 Who will take me into the strong town? who will be my guide into Edom? 10 Have not you put us away, O God? and you have not gone out with our armies. 11 Give us help in our trouble; for there is no help in man. 12 Through God we will do great things, for through him our haters will be crushed under our feet.

Psalm 75 Bible in Basic English

God Abases the Wicked and Exalts the Righteous

75 1 To you, O God, we give praise, to you we give praise: and those who give honour to your name make clear your works of power. 2 When the right time has come, I will be the judge in righteousness. 3 When the earth and all its people become feeble, I am the support of its pillars. (Selah.) 4 I say to the men of pride, Let your pride be gone: and to the sinners, Let not your horn be lifted up. 5 Let not your horn be lifted up: let no more words of pride come from your outstretched necks.

6 For honour does not come from the east, or from the west, or uplifting from the south; 7 But God is the judge, putting down one, and lifting up another. 8 For in the hand of the Lord is a cup, and the wine is red; it is well mixed, overflowing from his hand: he will make all the sinners of the earth take of it, even to the last drop. 9 But I will ever be full of joy, making songs of praise to the God of Jacob. 10 By him will all the horns of the sinners be cut off; but the horns of the upright will be lifted up.

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