Psalm 97-99 The Message Bible

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The LORD's Dominion and Power

97 1  God rules: there's something to shout over! On the double, mainlands and islands - celebrate! 2  Bright clouds and storm clouds circle 'round him; Right and justice anchor his rule. 3  Fire blazes out before him, Flaming high up the craggy mountains. 4  His lightnings light up the world; Earth, wide-eyed, trembles in fear. 5  The mountains take one look at God And melt, melt like wax before earth's Lord. 6  The heavens announce that he'll set everything right, And everyone will see it happen - glorious! 7  All who serve handcrafted gods will be sorry - And they were so proud of their ragamuffin gods! On your knees, all you gods - worship him!

8  And Zion, you listen and take heart! Daughters of Zion, sing your hearts out: God has done it all, has set everything right. 9  You, God, are High God of the cosmos, Far, far higher than any of the gods. 10  God loves all who hate evil, And those who love him he keeps safe, Snatches them from the grip of the wicked. 11  Light-seeds are planted in the souls of God's people, Joy-seeds are planted in good heart-soil. 12  So, God's people, shout praise to God, Give thanks to our Holy God!

Praise for God's Righteousness

98 1  Sing to God a brand-new song. He's made a world of wonders! He rolled up his sleeves, He set things right. 2  God made history with salvation, He showed the world what he could do. 3  He remembered to love us, a bonus To his dear family, Israel - indefatigable love. The whole earth comes to attention. Look - God's work of salvation!

4  Shout your praises to God, everybody! Let loose and sing! Strike up the band! 5  Round up an orchestra to play for God, Add on a hundred-voice choir. 6  Feature trumpets and big trombones, Fill the air with praises to King God. 7  Let the sea and its fish give a round of applause, With everything living on earth joining in. 8  Let ocean breakers call out, "Encore!" And mountains harmonize the finale - 9  A tribute to God when he comes, When he comes to set the earth right. He'll straighten out the whole world, He'll put the world right, and everyone in it.

The LORD's Faithfulness to Israel

99 1  God rules. On your toes, everybody! He rules from his angel throne - take notice! 2  God looms majestic in Zion, He towers in splendor over all the big names. 3  Great and terrible your beauty: let everyone praise you! Holy. Yes, holy. 4  Strong King, lover of justice, You laid things out fair and square; You set down the foundations in Jacob, Foundation stones of just and right ways. 5  Honor God, our God; worship his rule! Holy. Yes, holy.

6  Moses and Aaron were his priests, Samuel among those who prayed to him. They prayed to God and he answered them; 7  He spoke from the pillar of cloud. And they did what he said; they kept the law he gave them. 8  And then God, our God, answered them (But you were never soft on their sins). 9  Lift high God, our God; worship at his holy mountain. Holy. Yes, holy is God our God.

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