Bible Verses by Topic

Find Bible verses to meet your specific need using our Bible Verse by Topic Index. In 2 Timothy 3:16 we learn that “All Scripture is God-breathed and is useful for teaching, rebuking, correcting and training in righteousness”. No matter what your circumstance or current situation is, you can find encouragement and peace through reading the Word of God. This topical index can be used for Biblical guidance and insight for personal growth and understanding or for group Bible studies on specific topics.

Find and feel encouragement from the glorious Word of God. May these encouraging Bible verses provide you with hope and strength throughout the day. No matter what you face now, Scripture can encourage you to cast your cares upon Jesus and trust in the Lord! The following verses were collected to uplift your spirits and point you toward God, our greatest Encourager!

Whether you are a Christian struggling to have faith or someone seeking to learn more about faith in God, the following Bible verses about faith will offer guidance and hope. Scripture tells us that as Christians, our faith will be tested, but that we can grow stronger in our relationship with Christ when we persevere.

Discover the best scripture quotes about faith in this collection of Bible verses!

The Bible is the ultimate source for inspiration! This collection of Bible verses will inspire and uplift your spirits as you seek a joy-filled life in God. Whether it’s a daily dose of inspiration in the morning to get you started, or you're in need of an inspiring word to finish a hard task or overcome an obstacle, Scripture can meet your needs! Discover the best inspirational Bible verses in this collection of scripture quotes.

As Christians, we have the power to overcome fear with the help of the Holy Spirit. Any changes or unknowns in life can be the fear cycle where we become overwhelmed and feel like giving up. God tells us to not fear because He is with us! He will give you the strength and power that you need to overcome fear and live in peace. Discover biblical wisdom about despair and find encouragement from this collection of scriptures about fear!

Worry is one of Satan’s greatest tools to keep us from living a life of joy and peace through Christ Jesus. We can get so caught up in worrying about tomorrow and all the what-ifs that we fail to see how God is working in our lives and leading us. God commands us to not worry and to trust in Him. Take a moment to pray before reading these Bible verse and ask God to help you overcome worry!

It’s easy to lose hope in a world that’s full of sin and pain. This collection of Bible verses about hope will help you meditate on the truth - God wants to bless you with a future of faith and love! When you feel overwhelmed and hopeless in your current situation, take time to pray and ask God to speak to you through these verses. Discover the best Bible verses for hope in this collection of inspiring scripture quotes!

How can I be sure I’ll go to heaven when I die? What will heaven be like? Will we be angels in heaven? You may have these and more questions about heaven! God has revealed to us through Scripture what we have to look forward to in heaven. This collection of Bible verses will encourage and inspire you in looking forward to your heavenly home!

Psalm 147 says that God “heals the brokenhearted and binds up their wounds.” This collection of verses about healing provide strength and hope as you seek God’s healing hand. Whether you need healing from sickness, disease, addiction, a broken heart, or your sins, Scripture tells us that through Jesus, we have the power to recover and overcome! Meditate on these passages about healing as you bring your needs before God in prayer.

The Bible is filled with stories of God giving His people victory in battle. As humans, we will face temptation and battles, but God has overcome the world and we are promised victory through faith! Memorize this collection of Bible verses so you can remember these when faced with sin and persecution. You can live a victorious life through Jesus Christ!

The Bible tells us to “trust the Lord with all your heart, and lean not on your own understand, in all your ways submit to Him, and He will make your path straight” (Proverbs 3:5-6). It’s hard to trust God’s timing and to know that He will work everything out for good, but through faith and knowing who God is, we can trust Him in all things! Meditate on the verses below to strengthen your resolve to trust God with all your heart, soul, and mind!

The Old Testament and New Testament are filled with hopeful words of eternal salvation. The Bible is the Gospel, or Good News, of saving grace through Jesus Christ. He is the one and only Messiah who can save us from our sins and give us assurance of eternity in heaven! This collection of Bible verses will help you understand what it means to be saved and have a personal relationship with Jesus.

The world is filled with trial and hardship. It’s easy to become more worried and anxious every day as you face relationship struggles, financial problems, bad news, and grief. The Bible tells us that Jesus came to give us peace! If we seek out God’s plan for peace in our lives, through spending time in Scripture and praying, we can experience a “peace that passes understanding” (Philippians 4:7) - it’s a promise!

Sometimes forgiving someone who hurt us is the last thing we want to do. God commands us to forgive others, just as He has forgiven us of our sins! It is our responsibility as Christians to love others as Christ loves us and to offer forgiveness to those who offend. Spend time talking to God about your pain and disappointment and seek His guidance in restoring relationships. Discover the best Bible verses about forgiveness in the collection of scripture quotes!

The Bible tells us that “all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God” (Romans 3:23) When Adam and Eve sinned against God’s command to not eat of the fruit from the tree of good and evil, sin came into the world. Learn more about God’s commandments and how we can receive forgiveness of our sins through Jesus Christ.

God is the ultimate example of love. Through the Word of God, we are shown through the life and death of Jesus Christ what it means to love others first. This compilation of Bible verses will help you understand what it means to love God and others. These are also great verses to use for encouraging others, Valentines Day, a wedding ceremony, or memorize with your children! Discover the best Bible Verses about Love in this collection of powerful scripture quotes!

Grace means to get something that is undeserved. The greatest example of grace is the free gift of salvation through Jesus Christ. Read Scripture about God’s grace toward us and what it means for us as Christians as we extend grace to others. This collection of Bible verses will help you understand the power of grace and how you can tell others about saving grace!

As Christians, we are not safe from temptation, Christ Himself was tempted by Satan! But we are promised a way out of every temptation to sin. Meditate on these Scripture passages and arm yourself with the Word of God to help you overcome Satan’s temptations. You can find freedom and live victoriously through the power of the Holy Spirit.

Celebrate the gift of Jesus and the wonderful time with family by reading these Bible verses ideal for the Christmas season. This collection of scripture quotes was assembled by the themes of joy, gratitude and the birth of Jesus Christ to get you in the spirit of Christmas joy. May these Christmas verses warm your heart and be a reminder of Jesus and why we praise Him today! We wish you the Merriest of Christmases and a Joyful New Year!

The Bible is an amazing resource for strength and inspiration in our daily lives. Many aspects of life require strength and it is vital for us to be strong in more ways than one. We must be strong-willed, strong in faith, and strong in love to overcome the temptations and misfortunes of Earth. Discover the best Bible Verses about Strength in this collection of scripture quotes. Find verses about the strength of God, the strength of faith, and the biblical meaning of being strong. May these Bible verses encourage you to be strong in the face of adversity!

Friendship is truly one of God's blessings to mankind. With honest and wholesome friends, we can better endure the hardships of life and rejoice in the wonderful moments. However, we must know how to choose friends and how to be a good friend ourselves. Thankfully, we can look to the Bible for guidance on friendship. Discover the best Bible verses about friendship in this collection of scripture quotes!

The family is the divine foundation for human life. It is the sacred union of two people creating life and raising their children in the way of love, truth, and faith. The importance of family is often mentioned in the Bible as God commands us to protect our family from harm and deceit. We can look to scripture for inspiration and guidance about family matters and why it is vital to human prosperity. Discover the best Bible verses about family in this collection of scripture quotes.

What biblical wisdom does scripture provide us about marriage? Thankfully, a great amount. There are many Bible verses about marriage that we have gathered for this collection of scripture quotes. We hope you find inspiration to be a more loving and devoted partner in your relationship from these biblical quotes. Find out what truly makes a thriving connection from the wisdom of the Bible and may God bless your marriage!

What does scripture say about Prayer? There are many Biblical references that encourage us to pray when faced with uncertainty or discomfort. Sometimes all we can do is trust in God and have faith in Him when things are out of our control. Prayer is an act of that trust and faith that God will answer our calls and provide what is best for us. It is also an act of gratitude, as we pray in appreciation for what God has given us. Here we have gathered the top scriptures that discuss prayer and its benefits. Discover the best Bible verses about prayer in this collection of scripture quotes!

What does the Bible say about God's Love? The Love of God is frequently mentioned in the Bible through stories and proverbs as divine, true and everlasting. Scripture gives us the importance and meaning of God's Love so that we may believe and trust in Him. Discover the best Bible verses about God's love in this collection of scripture quotes!

What does the Bible say about Death? What happens when we die according to the Word of God? Discover the many scripture references to death and the afterlife in this collection of scripture quotes. Find peace and resolution in the love and divinity of God from the Bible.

What are the best comforting Bible verses? Unfortunately, it is common to become discouraged and depressed with the misfortunes of life. Thankfully, the Word of God provides a profound source of comfort and hope that we can look to for encouragement. Discover the best comforting Bible verses in this collection of scripture quotes!

What are the best Bible verses about being thankful? The Word of God is full of wisdom on the benefit and value of being thankful and appreciating the gifts of God and life. We are continuously reminded of why we should be thankful and the joy it can bring us through scripture. It is no surprise that the happiest people are the most thankful. Find encouragement to be grateful from this collection of thankful Bible verses!

What are the best motivational Bible verses? The Bible is an amazing source of motivation, encouragement, and inspiration. Scripture can motivate us to live righteously and courageously knowing the true love and power of God. Discover the greatest motivational Bible verses in this collection of scripture quotes!

In times of despair, the Word of God is an excellent source of hope and comfort. Scripture can give us a powerful reminder of God's love and our own potential for joy and greatness. FInd encouragement and gratitude in these powerful Bible verses for depression. Discover the wisdom and strength in the Word of God to help you overcome depression or grief!

Scripture Quotes to Help with Anxiety - We have collected the 15 best Bible verses to reduce your anxiety and be reassured of God's divine love and sovereignty over this world. May these words of the Bible serve you to remember the peace of God and feel encouraged. Bless these scripture quotes about anxiety for strengthening our hearts and minds.

Scripture quotes about the Blessings of God - Here we have gathered the top 20 Bible verses about blessings from God. Sometimes we forget that the Lord has blessed our lives if we follow His word. May these Bible verses about blessings encourage you to trust in the Almighty and be grateful for the many blessings bestowed upon you.

Here we have gathered the best Bible verses about protection from the Word of God. Psalm 91 mentions God's protection saying "My refuge and my fortress, my God, in whom I trust." Through faith and worship, we are protected from evil forces both external and internal by committing ourselves to the righteous will of the Lord. Discover the top protection scriptures in this collection of Bible passages.

There are numerous biblical reasons and examples for trusting God and having faith in His love and sovereignty. We are given stories in the Bible of people who suffered the consequences of not trusting in God and conversely the many encouraging biblical figures who remained faithful to God and ultimately received His blessings. May these Bible verses about trusting God inspire you to stay faithful and remember the divine graces of our Lord and Savior.

Here are some of the best Bible verses to show appreciation for mothers, perfect for Mother's Day. Use these scripture quotes to in a greeting card to share your love and gratitude this holiday! May the Word of God remind them of their sacred role in raising children and blessing the household. God bless all of the Mothers in the world for the love and guidance they provide.

Discover what the Bible says about patience. There are many beautiful Bible verses about patience we can look to for encouragement and comfort when dealing with difficult times. We are called by the Word of God to have patience as we trust in God's plan. Learn the importance of perseverance and how we become less anxious by reading these relevant scripture quotes about patience. May these Bible verses calm and ease your heart and mind!

Discover Bible verses about children and great scriptures for kids to learn more about God and Jesus. Children are often referred to in the Bible as a blessing from God. Psalm 127:3 states “Behold, children are a heritage from the Lord, the fruit of the womb a reward.” Scripture also mentions the importance of raising children in a righteous manner. Proverbs 22:6 states “Train up a child in the way he should go; even when he is old he will not depart from it.” Learn more about children in the Bible from these related scripture quotes.

Find joy in these powerful Bible verses! We are called upon to be joyful and grateful by the Bible. In certain Christian traditions, despair is listed as one of the six sins that blaspheme against the Holy Spirit. Therefore, it is righteous to have joy and appreciation for this life we are given by God. Discover the many Bible verses about joy in this collection of related scripture quotes. May these Bible verses lift your spirits and bring joy to your heart.

In the Bible, we are told to "refrain from anger and forsake wrath" (Psalm 37:8). The Bible teaches us to be forgiving and love our neighbors, but this isn't always easy with our human nature. When we strive to be rational beings, rather than simply emotional, we can more surely act in a righteous, forgiving manner. Thankfully, we can look to the Logos (truth, reason) of the Word of God to encourage and strengthen our rational minds and calm our natural, destructive instincts. May these Bible verses about anger help you to understand its significance and consequences.

With the passing of a loved one, it can be hard to find the words to honor and remember them. Thankfully, we can look to the Word of God for funeral scriptures of wisdom and love to praise those we have lost. Here we have collected the best Bible verses for funerals to use in memory and celebration of people we have cherished. May these scripture quotes assist you in a eulogy or personal grieving, embracing the loving sovereignty of God and His everlasting salvation!

In the Bible, we are called upon to help others and love thy neighbor. Scripture tells us "Let each of you look not only to his own interests but also to the interests of others" (Philippians 2:4). As God has given us life and this plentiful earth we should share his blessings with our family, friends, and community. May these scriptures quotes about helping others inspire you to live with compassion and kindness.

Judgment is a common theme throughout the Bible. Scripture tells us "Judge not, that ye be not judged" (Matthew 7:1). Rather than judging others, we should observe, repent, and correct our own shortcomings and sin. It is a waste of our time and energy to judge others while we rather could focus on improving ourselves. Discover the many Bible verses about judging from this collection of scripture quotes.

The light was among the first things created by God in the Bible. Genesis 1:3-4 states, “And God said, “Let there be light,” and there was light. God saw that the light was good, and he separated the light from the darkness.” The light is often used to describe God and Jesus as the righteous energy in our world. Even the Bible itself is said to be the light as Psalm 119:105 states, “Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path.” Discover the many Bible verses about light from this collection of scripture quotes.

What does scripture say regarding tithing? Tithing is mentioned various times through the Bible as an important part of supporting the church and showing your devotion to God. When we are prosperous it is right to give back to our fellowship and community. Tithing usually centers upon donations to the local church to ensure its continuation and success. Discover the many scriptures about tithing and offerings in this collection of Bible quotes!

What is worship and what does the Bible say about it? In simple terms, to worship is to praise and honor God for creating, blessing and loving us eternally. While there are different ways to glorify God, all forms of worship essentially share the love and reverence for our Father and His Son, Jesus Christ. The Bible emphasizes the importance and utility of worship as it helps us to hold a grateful perspective and a joyful heart. Discover the many scriptures about worship in this collection of Bible verses on praising God.