What Should Christians Know about the Dangers of Cultural Marxism?

There are many dangers of Cultural Marxism. Cultural Marxism challenges the Bible and promotes anti-biblical agendas. It can distort and manipulate individuals into believing false beliefs. Believing in lies is dangerous not only for Christians but also for unbelievers.

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Published Mar 17, 2022
What Should Christians Know about the Dangers of Cultural Marxism?

Cultural Marxism is a popular conspiracy theory among some Americans today. Marxism is a political, economic, and social theory developed by Karl Marx. Within the teachings of cultural Marxism, there are many things that do not align with the Bible.

Even though Cultural Marxism is popular, it does not mean Christians should practice it. In fact, Christians should not promote or accept Cultural Marxism.

Understanding Cultural Marxism

Understanding Cultural Marxism can be difficult, but it does not have to be. Cultural Marxism goes against basic traditions, and it is definitely against Christianity. Many individuals believe Cultural Marxism is an extreme view of political correctness, whereas others deny its existence.

Even though Cultural Marxism is a conspiracy theory, many people are pushing for it to become a reality. It is worth mentioning that Cultural Marxism is not the same as Communism. While the two are often compared to one another, they are not the same.

Cultural Marxism came into being after Karl Marx’s death as Karl Marx did not see the importance of culture within the realm of his philosophy. Those who succeeded Karl Marx saw the importance culture has over change.

Therefore, a greater emphasis was stressed upon the cultural side of Marxism after Karl Marx’s death. This gave rise to the Frankfurt School, which taught in accordance with the Marxist philosophy and thought. Within the Frankfurt School, students were taught that there was no such thing as absolute truth. Teachers also taught students to be overly critical.

Due to the differences from this new form of Marxism at the Frankfurt School, many followers, proponents, and critics decide to call this type of Marxism “Cultural Marxism” in order to separate it from classic Marxism.

Cultural Marxism aims to change and rewire culture as we know it today. This philosophy stresses the importance of changing society to become more progressive.

Cultural Marxism also has a negative view of different ethnicities, females, Muslims, and homosexuals. In summary, cultural Marxism tends to be hateful toward all people, except those who accept their theory.

For the most part, Cultural Marxism is against Christianity and the Bible. Cultural Marxism deems truth to be relative or flexible to the person. In other words, there are no absolute truths.

A Christian Perspective

From a Christian’s perspective, we know Cultural Marxism is wrong. The teachings of Cultural Marxism do not align with a biblical worldview. Beliefs, such as there is no absolute truth, hatred toward others, and anti-Semitism cannot be a part of a Christian’s life.

Unfortunately, many people are taught Cultural Marxism within public schools, which Christians need to be aware of. As Christians, we do not need to endorse nor promote Cultural Marxism. This philosophy teaches anti-Christian beliefs and is heavy in anti-Semitism.

Even though Cultural Marxism is popular in mainstream society, Christians need to take their stand against this belief. Jesus tells us to be as “shrewd as snakes and as innocent as doves” (Matthew 10:16).

We need to be wise in how we view the world’s philosophies and teachings because most of the world’s beliefs are based on man rather than God (1 Timothy 6:20). The “god” of this world is Satan, which means that the teachings of the world are highly influenced by him and his demonic schemes (2 Corinthians 4:4).

Therefore, the philosophies and teachings of the world are rooted in mankind’s sinful flesh or in the devil’s schemes. It is wise for us to be careful before believing any philosophy found in the world, which was created by mankind.

Cultural Marxism advocates for the idea that there is no absolute truth. As Christians, we know the Bible is absolute truth. 2 Timothy 3:16-17, “All Scripture is God-breathed and is useful for teaching, rebuking, correcting and training in righteousness, so that the servant of God may be thoroughly equipped for every good work.”

As this New Testament passage tells us, God’s Word is infallible and contains the absolute truth. The Bible was written by a myriad of different human writers; however, the Holy Spirit inspired the writings of the Bible (2 Peter 1:21).

In other words, the Bible is ultimately written by God. Since the Bible is written by the Creator of the world, we can know it is the absolute truth. God does not lie (Numbers 23:19; Titus 1:2; Hebrews 6:18), which means everything written in the Bible is true.

We can rely on the Bible as our guidebook for life. It tells us everything we need to know to live life to the glory of God.

The Dangers of Cultural Marxism

There are many dangers of Cultural Marxism. Cultural Marxism challenges the Bible and promotes anti-biblical agendas. It can distort and manipulate individuals into believing false beliefs. Believing in lies is dangerous not only for Christians but also for unbelievers.

If an unbeliever is taught Cultural Marxism, it would leave them very skeptical and distant from God. Instead of being brought up in the faith or being taught the faith as an adult, they would be taught a man-made philosophy that is built upon a few men’s opinions and theories.

In other words, anyone who builds their life upon the constructs of Cultural Marxism will have difficulties in their life, especially concerning their meaning and purpose.

Those who follow Cultural Marxism would also have difficulty believing in any type of truth because they do not believe in absolute truth.

This would cause individuals many problems with understanding the world in a biblical context. Many people believe Cultural Marxism is relatively undangerous, but it can cause damage.

It is speculated that Cultural Marxism seeks to sweep through the West and establish itself as the prominent philosophy in the Western world (Bill Berkowitz, “‘Cultural Marxism’ Catching).

Christians need to take this to heart and understand that Cultural Marxism is not a passing intellectual fad. Rather, Cultural Marxism has been around for a while, and it has only been growing in popularity over the years.

In the ensuing years, it is highly probable that this philosophy will grow even more popular and become more common among all schools and universities.

Shining Jesus’ Light

In this dark world, Jesus commands us to shine our light for Him (Matthew 5:14). This means that we have to help those who are following the lies of Cultural Marxism. While many who oppose Christianity will not listen to what we have to say, we can build their trust and respect by shining Jesus’ light to them.

Over time as we build a friendship with the individual, they may be more likely to listen to the Christian perspective of mankind and the world. Even if the person does not listen to us does not mean we have failed. We can continue to share the gospel, pray for them, and show Christ in our actions.

This might sound basic; however, it can make a world of difference. Cultural Marxism is a deep philosophy filled with anti-Christian morals and beliefs, in which Christians should not endorse, practice, or promote its teachings.

Instead, we should help others know the truth of God’s Word and point them to Jesus Christ. It can be intimidating to share the gospel with a person who believes in Cultural Marxism; however, God can help you and give you strength.

Pray for God to help you, strengthen you, and give you patience. Most likely, a Cultural Marxist will not convert upon the first presentation of the gospel; however, in time and by showing proof of Jesus’ kindness and love, they may come around to accepting Jesus and turning away from Cultural Marxism.

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