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4 Questions to Help You Share Your Faith Story

The purpose of knowing the presence of the Lord, and the purpose of knowing the difference Christ has made in our lives, is so that we can bear that witness in the world.

Crosswalk.com Contributing Writer
Oct 27, 2022
4 Questions to Help You Share Your Faith Story

The main assignment for my first year of doctoral studies was to write a spiritual autobiography. A spiritual autobiography is not like a standard biography. Rather than simply re-tell the events of your life in a spiritual biography, you highlight the presence and activity of God. A spiritual autobiography asks the question: “Where was God in the events of my life?

The purpose of the assignment was quite simple. The assignment was designed to help us know the story of our faith. This isn’t simply for our own knowledge or enjoyment, however. Our history with God is the very testimony we share with others.

The most effective form of evangelism is not the dry articulation of doctrinal matters but the heartfelt account of how Jesus transforms our lives.

We were told that our spiritual autobiography had to be at least 100 pages. I quickly did the math. At barely 40 years of age at the time, I would have to write greater than two pages for every year of my life.

The task seemed impossible. How would I fill up such a document? But, as daunting as the assignment seemed, it proved easier than I thought. As I looked through my past, I began to see God’s presence in various places throughout my life.

God nudged me in a needed direction and brought influential people into my life. It quickly became evident that the problem I faced was not going to be filling up 100 pages but where I would stop. There was simply so much I could say.

We all have stories to tell. Furthermore, as followers of Christ, we all have the call to share that story with others. Jesus calls each of us to “be my witnesses…to the ends of the world” (Acts 1:8).

Below are four questions that will help you uncover the story of your faith and (hopefully) inspire you to share that story with another.

1. Where Has Jesus Stood by You?

Our witness is birthed from our own experiences with Jesus. This is what we see throughout the scriptures. The Apostle Peter, for example, was a consummate evangelist. Everywhere he went, whether in the temple or in the prison cell, he spoke of his relationship with the Lord.

When questioned by the authorities, Peter stated, “We cannot keep from speaking about what we have seen and heard” (Acts 4:20). His witness was rooted in his own life events.

Similarly, the Apostle Paul testifies that “the Lord stood beside me, and strengthened me, so that through me, the message might fully be proclaimed, and all the gentiles might hear it” (2 Timothy 4:18).

This simple statement is deeply powerful and moving. Even in trials and tribulations, the Lord was present in Paul’s life. This became an important part of his witness to the gospel.

Peter, Paul, and the rest of the disciples had a deep conviction that Jesus was not removed from their lives. Through the power of the Spirit, Jesus interacted with them. The disciples recognized that the daily events of life were part of the larger story of God’s work in the world.

Where has the Lord stood by you? Where have you seen the imprint of God’s handiwork? This is an important question to reflect upon. Our lives are not just linear stories of random events. We do not simply jump from one event of life to another. We live our lives with the Lord. Whether we go through times of rejoicing or times of suffering, we are not alone, the Lord stands with us.

The events of our lives, therefore, when viewed through the lens of faith, form the tapestry of our witness. When we start seeing how God has stood beside us, we can speak that truth to others.

2. What Difference Has Jesus Made in Your Life?

It is not enough to simply notice God’s presence in our lives. This would be to treat the Lord like Waldo from “Where’s Waldo;” we simply notice the Lord’s presence and move on. Instead, we must reflect on the effect that Christ has in our lives.

After all, the Lord’s presence is indistinguishable from his activity. Jesus never joins our lives as a spectator. Jesus doesn’t just watch what goes on as a point of entertainment.

Sadly, some people believe that this is how God treats us. God, they believe, remains elusive and hidden, sitting upon celestial clouds, far removed from our lives. This is not the truth that Scripture reveals.

Jesus joins us in our lives. Jesus walks the path we walk and lends his tears to our own. Jesus touches our lives with his activity and grace. The greatest evidence for the gospel is the transformed lives of those who follow Jesus.

We would do well, then, to reflect on the following question: where has Jesus made a difference in my life? We all have a plethora of stories to draw on if we would just take the time to know them.

Many of us have experienced the blessing of feeling forgiven or have experienced a deep sense of love and grace. Perhaps, like Paul, we have found divine strength to walk a difficult road.

Articulating the blessings we have received from the Lord helps others recognize that faith in Christ is never abstract. We do not follow a Lord who is distant and cut off from one, but one who interacts with us. Christ makes a difference.

3. To Whom Can You Share Your Story?

The story of our walk with God is not solely for us. Yes, knowing our history with God strengthens our faith, yet knowing the story of our faith is always in service of our witness.

After all, if God’s interaction in our lives gives us encouragement and hope, could not the sharing of that story give hope and encouragement to another?

Psalm 66:16 reminds us to live a life of proclamation: “Come all you who fear God, let me tell you what the Lord has done for me,” the Psalmist writes.

The purpose of knowing the presence of the Lord, and the purpose of knowing the difference Christ has made in our lives, is so that we can bear that witness in the world.

Often this type of conversation makes us nervous. It’s easy to shy away from sharing our faith story. But the reality is we share things all the time.

We share restaurant recommendations and vacation tips, or we invite people to join us in meaningful or relaxing activities. We share our lives with people every single day. Why should the gentle sharing of our faith story be any different?

Importantly, sharing our faith isn’t about standing on soapboxes or preaching in street-corners. The primary sphere of our ministry is the people already in our own lives.

These may be our children, our family members, friend, or co-workers. The fact is, for most of us, we already have a relationship with the people with whom we can tell our stories.

4. Will We Take Up the Call and Tell Our Stories?

To whom might you share the story of your faith? Most people, when asked that question, already know the person they can share their faith with.

The name pops into their minds as if placed there by the divine hand.

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