‘Take Me Home’ by Celtic Thunder

Published Feb 02, 2023

A majority of people love the familiar and enjoy being surrounded by what they know. Home, for most, is that special place. It’s often where what is near and dear to us resides. If that’s the case, who doesn’t want to return home?

The group Celtic Thunder beautifully sings a song about that yearning and desire to go to where our hearts are most at peace: home. In addition to being surrounded by a friendly environment, the lyrics make it clear they long for the people who reside in their hometown.

In the clip on YouTube, each group member walks onto the stage to applause. Each group member then sings a verse by themself. Then the five guys blend their voices together and delightfully harmonize on the chorus.

“Oh take me home
Oh to the people
I left behind”

While the tune is short and sweet with a very straightforward message, the lyrics are written with expert-level precision and vivid detail. The lyrics paint listeners a picture of a home in a secluded area, separated by a body of water, mountains, and dust-covered lands.

The songwriter’s words immediately bring about images of a small rural area where life is uncomplicated, where everyone knows everyone and helps one another when possible. It sounds very much like something Norman Rockwell would have painted. 

The song’s lyrics are reinforced by the stage and the setting seen in the video. The stage is very minimalistic. The screen behind the vocalists and the accompanying band of musicians is a dark blue hue. Several trees can also be seen in the background as well.

The song is enjoyable as its lyrics draw upon nostalgia and the memories of days and years past, a time when life was much simpler. 

Be sure and give the song a listen!

“O come, let us make songs to the Lord; sending up glad voices to the Rock of our salvation” (Psalm 95:1).

This content originally appeared on Godtube.com used with permission.

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