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‘So Long Dixie’ by Home Free

Published Jan 24, 2023

Growing and changing, in general, can be a difficult and painful process. Whether we like it or not, we are constantly changing and always growing. We may grow in stature, knowledge, wisdom, or age. One new song perfectly captures this idea of a season of growth and change.

“So Long Dixie” by the group Home Free talks about this time of growth and clearly articulates how tough change can be in life. 

The song's video opens with a couple of shots of gorgeous landscapes and scenery. The picturesque settings act almost as a central figure in the YouTube video. The awe-inspiring backgrounds are featured prominently in nearly every shot of the video. 

Seconds after the beautiful establishing shots, we next see a singer and a guitarist standing along a dirt road in the middle of a rolling field with breathtaking rock formations in the background. 

The song’s lyrics begin right away with this idea of change. They mention that despite all the knowledge and life experiences obtained from a place, it is just time to move on.

“So Long Dixie, it’s time to let you go
It’s awful hard to do with roots this strong
You’re just on the wrong end of a one-way road”

The musicians add that despite the inevitable change, they are not ashamed of where they grew up. Their place of birth taught them and helped make them who they are today. 

As the song’s lyrics state, their place of birth taught them how to pray, work, play and defend themselves. 

People on YouTube commenting on the video stated how much they love and appreciate the song.

“I love their covers, but man, their originals like this one really allow us to get to know the guys better. It also shows how immensely talented they are,” one person wrote

Give this catchy country tune a listen

“For this reason let us go on from the first things about Christ to full growth; not building again that on which it is based, that is, the turning of the heart from dead works, and faith in God” (Hebrews 6:1).

This content originally appeared on Godtube.com used with permission.

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