Middle School Band Performs Insane Cover of 'Sweet Child of Mine'

Published Mar 23, 2023

You have to check out this insane cover of ‘Sweet Child of Mine’ by a talented middle school band.

“She's got a smile that it seems to me, reminds me of childhood memories
Where everything was as fresh as the bright blue sky
Now and then, when I see her face, she takes me away to that special place
And if I stared too long, I'd probably break down and cry”

These kids are really bringing it with their performance of ‘Sweet Child of Mine’ by Guns N’ Roses! What great energy they have on that stage! And each one of them is so talented; they really gave it their all for this one!

“For my school's holiday concert, our band director thought that it would be fun if we were to do a cover of the famous Guns N' Roses song, ‘Sweet Child O' Mine.’ When our band has covered songs in the past, we typically have dressed according to the time period and genre of music,” reads the caption of the YouTube video. 

“For this song, our band director told us to come in black leather and the whole punk look. The holiday concert is the biggest performance of the year, with about every family at the school attending. To fit all of these people, the concert takes place in a giant church near our school. Needless to say, playing this song for such a large crowd was immensely fun.”

After the middle schoolers finished their stellar performance, they got a standing ovation from the audience. What an amazing show!

“This music director for this school is what we need in all the schools,” comments one person on YouTube after watching the video. “Kids were awesome.”

“Man, this gave me chills. These kids were great!” another person writes online. “Music director was awesome. Singer has a strong voice, guitarist was incredible, bass sounded excellent, drummer on point. What a performance!”

We hope that you enjoyed this awesome cover of ‘Sweet Child of Mine’ by this middle school band today!

This content originally appeared on Godtube.com; used with permission.

Photo Credit: ©GettyImages/Ivan Vislov


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