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How do Christians deal with the rising acceptance of same-sex marriage?

Attorney, Professor
Jun 27, 2013

You certainly see popular opinion polls every day right now and more and more public officials coming out supporting same-sex marriage. And so it seems to be a foregone conclusion. And certainly, I've talked to some Christians who think we just need to give up or we need to compromise. The twofold response to that for me is one, I don't have a right to compromise. I'm called here to fight and defend God's standards, God's truth. We all are as Christians, and until the end, you have to fight for that. And so, you can't give up. You can't compromise. I don't have the right to say, "Well, maybe we'll compromise and give civil unions or domestic partnerships." I can't compromise on something that God has said is unbiblical. I don't have that authority to say it's okay, put a stamp of approval on same-sex relationships when God has said it hasn't.

And so, as Christians, I think all we can do is in love, try to reach out to those struggling with homosexuality, be very involved in politics to try to put people in place who understand the biblical definition of marriage, understand why marriage is important to society to understand the harm that's been caused in other se states and other nations where same-sex marriage has been adopted and to continue to fight this battle. But even if all of America adopts same-sex marriage, we can't allow ourselves to be silenced and continue to proclaim the truth about what the biblical standard of marriage is to those who are finding themselves in that lifestyle.


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