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Why Letting Go of the Little Things Can Make You a Better Parent

Author/Lead Pastor
Updated May 15, 2024

If only kids would immediately obey their parents. Some of the small things like brushing your teeth. Wash your face, take a shower. The small things that everybody should do. I’ve discovered through motherhood that if I’m not careful, I can bark at them all of the time. 

If I’m not careful, I can lose the connection with my children because when they come to me, I'm no longer hugging them. I'm always complaining that their faces are dirty or they smell bad …, and their clothes and shoes are a mess …

Sometimes, I choose to say to myself, ‘This child stinks... oh my gosh, they need to take a shower!’ But outwardly, I choose to ignore it and instead respond, “Okay, I love you.” I give them a kiss and a hug and move on to dinner. But then, after dinner, I can say, “Okay, baby, it's time to take a shower.”

Love ignores. There are some things in the household that you have to ignore. It's not worth damaging my relationship with my kids.

Photo Credit: SWN Design via Canva Pro/Photo via Ken and Tabath Claytor, used with permission. 

Ken and Tabitha ClaytorKen Claytor is an author, founder of the Alive Leadership Institute, host of the Alive Conference, and sought-after conference speaker. He is also a family man.
Tabatha Claytor is a lead pastor and co-founder of Alive Church, with campuses in Gainesville, FL, and Orlando, FL, and online. She is also the founder of Pio Woman, a ministry that equips and empowers women to pioneer their lives. Married for 24 years, they live in Orlando, Florida, with their 3 children, Hannah, Charity, and Kenny.


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