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This Mother's Day, Celebrate the Infinite Joys and Blessings of Being a Mom

Updated May 09, 2024

Happy, happy Mother's Day. I understand that sometimes we say that you're glad to enjoy your day when you have small kids. They can't do much for you, so you're still cooking,  still having all the responsibilities, but it's still a blessed day.

Why do I say that? He said every child is a gift from God, so God has chosen you to be a mother. It is a decision that God made. No matter the circumstances, he still made the decision for you to be a mother.

So I pray that in the pressures and the stresses that life can bring, my mom having eight kids and me being the seventh child, I see the cooking that needs to be done and all those things, and I understand those challenges that make you think, how could this be such a great blessing that brings me joy and happiness all the time? That is what the word blessing means. It is a blessing because you're investing in someone's life so that someone could be like me and someone could be like many people around this world, around this country that is serving God or are doing great jobs in the secular community, that is doing great jobs making an impact in their community. They had a mom that raised them, that invested into their lives, so you are making an investment and that investment, God says, has earthly blessing and heavenly blessing.

It says this in First Timothy chapter 2 verse 15, but women will be preserved through the bearing of children if they continue in fake love sanctity with selfish strength. You are blessed on earth and in heaven because you chose to be a mother, and I pray that as you continue to nurture the baby, continue to raise your children, and continue to go through the pressures of trying to make them all, you could see them having the potential to be. Understand that the investment you're making leads to an eternal blessing that God uses to sanctify your life.

Be blessed and stay focused.

Photo Credit: Pastor Paul Cannings, used with permission/SWN Design via Canva Pro

Dr. Paul CanningsDr. Paul Cannings is the Founder and Senior Pastor of Living Word Fellowship Church in Houston, Texas, Founder and President of Power Walk Ministries, President of ABC Word Academy/LWCA, adjunct professor of the College of Biblical Studies in Houston, Texas, and board member of TL Africa. He serves as a Bible study leader on "The Pastor's Corner" and hosts "The Pastor's Study," available anytime on Oneplace.com and Lightsource.com, and his TV ministry at paulcannings.tv. He is the author of several books, which include “Doing It God’s Way: From Conflict to Harmony in Church Leadership”; “Why Can’t Mondays Be More Like Sundays?’ Find all of Dr. Cannings' books and resources at https://powerwalkministries.myshopify.com and watch on YouTube at https://www.youtube.com/@powerwalkministries9317. Dr. Cannings and his wife Everette are the parents of two adult sons, Paul Jr. and Pierre, who are married to Tanisha and Monica, respectively, with seven grandchildren.


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