How Do We Know Jesus Believed the New Testament Was True?

Jesus told His followers to expect the Holy Spirit to reveal the truth to them through the New Testament.
Senior Pastor at Hinson Baptist Church
Updated Mar 02, 2018
How Do We Know Jesus Believed the New Testament Was True?

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“One of the ways we can be confident that the New Testament is the Word of God, and not just the Word of God, but the Word of Jesus, that it's His word, and therefore, we should trust it as true and authoritative, is…

He told us that He was going to see that the New Testament would be written. In the gospel of John, He promises His disciples that He is going to send the Spirit, and the Spirit is going to lead them into further truth, more truth than they could bear at that point in time.

What we also see throughout the rest of the New Testament is Jesus continuing to speak. In the book of Acts, Jesus actually appears as the resurrected Lord Jesus to Saul, who becomes the Apostle Paul. In the book of Revelation, Jesus actually appears to the Apostle John and speaks to him.

What we know is that the apostles were commissioned by Jesus, not to invent the church, not to figure out how to carry on now that Jesus had left. The apostles were commissioned by Jesus Christ to speak Jesus' word, to speak an authoritative message of the gospel, and then to apply it to the lives of the churches that were being born as a result of this message.

I think from both Jesus' promise in John 15, 16, and 17, as well as Jesus' ongoing guidance of the apostles that we see throughout the New Testament, we can be quite confident that the New testament is the word of Christ, and not just the word of men."


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