How Do We Apply the Great Commission to Our Everyday Lives?

How Do We Apply the Great Commission to Our Everyday Lives?

Bruce Finn

“When I think of the Great Commission, I think of Matthew 28:18, 19, 20 where Jesus said to His disciples, ‘Go and make disciples of the nations.’ That's simply put. The central concern of Jesus in the Great Commission is to make disciples. That's the verb in the sentence. It's the central imperative is that at the end of the day, the outcome of the Great Commission is that disciples are made, meaning Jesus followers. Jesus' concern is that the world and the nations be filled with those who know Him, love Him, worship Him, serve Him, and follow Him eternally. That, to me, is the Great Commission.

There are other things in that passage which are supportive and help us to find precisely how the Great Commission might be accomplished. The first one is Jesus said, "Go." Making disciples involved the church getting up and going, going outside itself, going beyond itself, going to places where the gospel is not known. You don't need to go over an ocean to find those kind of people. The Great Commission involves an active, intentional going or outgoing of the Church into a community of those who don't yet know Jesus.

Then, the other things that support the Great Commission are this idea of baptizing, which suggests that we need to be adding to the Church, including, identifying those who commit their life to Jesus with the community of the Church through baptism and then teaching them to observe what Jesus commands. In other words, training them, teaching them, discipling them and helping them understand what does it look like to live a life which follows the example in Jesus and is lived in the power of Jesus' Spirit.”

Originally published July 06, 2017.