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Do You Have to Be Baptized to Take Communion?
Do You Have to Be Baptized to Take Communion?
Baptism is an initial profession of faith, and the Lord's Table (Communion) is an ongoing, continual, and repeated renewal of faith. Isn’t it dishonest for someone to participate in a renewal of faith, if they've never professed faith in baptism to start with? It would be pretense for someone to...

About Baptism

Baptism is one of the most important steps we take as Christians. In the Scriptures, baptism is first introduced in Matthew 3. Baptism is a symbolic outward demonstration believers take to show others they are born again and believe in Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. With that said, Baptism is much more than a sign. Check out our video content here to learn more. Watch videos that discuss the difference between full immersion and infant baptism.