Asking Him what Life is all About

Pastor Fred Snider

Bumper stickers are interesting aren't they?  They can evoke every feeling within us from inspiration to disdain.  Some are extremely political and others are ridiculous, some are poignant, and others are silly at best.  Some are actually very controversial and others are downright disgusting.  We tend to read them though, and we remember some and try to forget others.  Funny which ones stick with us over the years?  I remember when "Honk If You Love Jesus" was a popular bumper sticker for a while.  I never put that one on my car, but when I occasionally passed someone or they passed me on the open highway, I would honk.

One time I was driving along in a particularly great mood and passed the classic "Honk If You Love Jesus" sticker on a car and of course honked lightly to see if I would get the "One Way" response or thumbs up or a great big smile or even a "Praise the Lord" comeback.  As I pulled even with the car, much to my surprise I got a really dirty look that said "Leave me alone or else" with the accompanying hand signal.  Needless to say, I was mortified.  I was so undone that at the next signal I pulled alongside to apologize and try to explain.  I'll never forget the classic response.  This guy rolled his window down and said in so many words, "This is my sister's car and I don't believe in Jesus, and so on".  The light was changing so I said, "You may not know Him but He died for you and loves you".  He did not respond and in my rearview mirror I watched him almost frozen in place until the car behind him honked and he caught up to me at the next light and rolled down his window and said, "That's what my sister always says!"  “What, that He loves you and died for you?"  “No!” He came back at me like I didn't get it.  Then he smiled, apologized for the trouble, and said, "Wise Men Still Seek Him".  You see, that's what my bumper sticker said.  I quickly caught up to him and mouthed the words "Merry Christmas" to him, to which he responded back "Merry Christmas, I really am sorry".  I gave him the thumbs up and our encounter ended. 

I'm not sure about bumper stickers sometimes; but I still believe that wise men still seek Him, always have and always will.  Why do we spend so much of our time avoiding foolishness and so little time pursuing wisdom?  Maybe the bumper sticker should more accurately say “Foolish Men Still Don't Seek Him".  That hits home.

In the hustle and bustle of this season we often get snowed in with the traditions of Christmas and miss it's core meaning.  After it is all over this year and the decorations have to come down, and we've all put on a few extra pounds, what will be the memory of another Christmas?  How can we be wiser about staying focused on the true reason for the season?

Let me share a shocking concept with you and your family.  How do we get wisdom?  The Scripture says we should ask God.  Ask Him what?  Maybe we should be asking Him what life is really all about.  I'm not saying we should dump all the wonderful and meaningful traditions and biblical practices that we love so dearly.  Let me challenge every person in your family to pull away for some time alone with God… maybe at the church, maybe in the woods, maybe on the roof, but alone to consider the meaning of it all.  When I do this, a similar thing happens every year.  I always think of the first chapter of Proverbs, which says, "The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom.”  This does not mean doubting His love or grace or mercy.  There come times, though, when every believer and virtually every unbeliever needs to consider the awesome power and might and glory and holiness of Almighty God.  Maybe sometime your family could discuss the perfection and the splendor of God's Glory.  What better time than Christmas to consider who He is and what He did, is doing, and will do.  God is really big, and really powerful and totally awesome beyond our most profound understanding of Him.  He is the Alpha and the Omega; in Him all things live and move and have their being.  Life goes by very quickly, and we too easily can miss the simplest yet most important thing.  "God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son that whoever would believe on Him would not perish but have everlasting life."

Every time we see a bumper sticker, remember what that guy's sister always said, "Wise Men Still Seek Him" and take the time to really do it.  I guarantee that, if you will begin this practice as often as possible in your life, you will begin to see things you have never seen before.  The Bible promises that when we seek, we will find.  Oh, and by the way, maybe another little lesson is to read the bumper stickers on cars before you drive them. It could save you some explaining. 

Adapted from Our Time Together® devotional © 2007 - Full Armor Ministries (FAM)


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Pastor Fred is currently Senior Pastor of Grace Harbor Church in Tustin, California.  Fred and his wife of 30 years, Dawn, have been serving at the Tustin church for almost 5 years.  Fred and Dawn have two adult children and a 4-year-old grandson and are expecting a second grandson very soon.  Fred's interests include writing, ocean fishing, traveling and sports.

Pastor Fred has spoken at countless conferences, camps and seminars.  Fred is a gifted speaker and writer who has a knack for vivid illustration and heartfelt sharing.  His articles are thoughtful, poignant and personal on whatever the topic may be.  His keen insights and are blessed by his down to earth, biblical and encouraging writings.




Originally published May 09, 2007.

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