Jesus Taught the Disciples to Love?

John Barnett

Who would be the best example of a person who modeled this love that was considered humanly impossible? The answer would be the only One who ever perfectly lived out God’s will. You see, Titus 2 living is God’s will for every one of us today and all the yesterdays back to when Paul wrote these words.

But only One ever lived out God’s grace-energized love, and that was Jesus.

Christ's life reveals a perfect example of love. That is why Peter, writing just after Paul wrote to Titus, tells us that Jesus Christ's life is an example and that we should follow "in His steps" (1 Peter 2:21). As we consider how grace-energized mothers love their children, we can learn so much from the ways that our Lord Jesus Christ loved those He came to serve during His earthly ministry.

Jesus communicated His love to the disciples and others in several ways. He told them that He loved them. He showed them that He loved them (like serving them and touching them). Jesus is the perfect model of showing love that could be felt. One of the clearest ways Jesus showed His love was when He spoke and blessed His disciples.

Taken from "Jesus Showed Us How to Love" by Discover the Book Ministries.

Originally published September 02, 2010.

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