What Do Muslims Think of Jesus?

Pastor of First Baptist Church of Grand Cayman
Updated Feb 12, 2024

(Transcript of the video above, edited for readability)

Muslims believe that Jesus is a prophet. They believe that he's a great prophet. Believe that Jesus performed miracles, more miracles than anyone before him. They believe that Jesus was a prophet to the Jews and took a message to the Jews, and that the Injil, or the Gospel, is revelation from God or signs from God. Muslims believe that Jesus is coming again, but they believe he's coming to testify against those who said that he was the son of God, God the Son. So they would deny, they would deny that. So Muslims in the Muslim mind, Jesus has a revered place. He's respected among the prophets and in some ways respected. For example, for something like His miracles more highly than Muhammad, in that sense, who performed no miracles apart from in the Muslim view, bringing the Quran. So that would be the Muslim view. That would be the Muslim view of Jesus.


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