The Main Barrier to Sharing the Gospel?

In Touch Ministries
Updated Sep 30, 2021
The Main Barrier to Sharing the Gospel?

I am persuaded that many of our goals and dreams fail simply because we place limitations upon ourselves. This is true for the church as well—Christ’s command to share the gospel is an example.

Jesus gave us the vision to tell all nations about His salvation, and as His followers, we should make this our aim. Many Christians, however, are not working to fulfill this “Great Commission’—at least not fervently and purposefully. Often, what holds us back are the boundaries we place upon ourselves.

Fear is one of the biggest self-erected barriers to success. For instance, if evangelizing means traveling overseas, lack of safety might worry us. We may also feel concern about how family and friends will react to our decision and whether people will react negatively to our message.

Another hindrance might be conditional obedience—that is, a willingness to serve as long as God keeps us in a particular location or has us minister in a country where we don’t have to learn a new language. And some people make the inconvenience of spending money, time, or effort into an obstacle that prevents service to the Lord.

There are many barriers that can keep us from sharing the gospel. But when we’re willing to tear those down, we’ll be amazed at what God can accomplish through us.

Are you passionately sharing the gospel? If not, identify the obstruction that stands in your way, and pray for forgiveness. Refocus by reading the Word and remembering the mission that Jesus gave you. God’s love covers the whole world, and He therefore intends that everyone hear the good news.

Taken from “Vision without Boundaries” by In Touch Ministries (used by permission).


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