Was Jesus Ever Married?

Was Jesus ever married or even in a relationship? If not, why?
Bryan Chapell
Was Jesus Ever Married?

Was Jesus Ever Married?

Transcribed from the video above, Bryan Chapell discusses whether Jesus was ever married:

There is no evidence that Jesus was married in the books that give us the history of his life. So anything that would suggest that Jesus was married is pure conjecture, and we would say usually being articulated by people who have some agenda to undo the biblical record and add something to it. So anybody who's saying that Jesus was married is just making that up. There is no record of that in any historical account or any biblical account.

Now we want to be careful we don't go too far to say that because Jesus was not married, marriage or sexuality are automatically evil in some way. Jesus disciples did marry. Jesus was at a stage of life where he gave up everything in order to perform the purposes of his father. So we have no evidence that he desired to be married or was married or that there was some part of his ministry that involved marriage. Does not mean that marriage is wrong or sexuality is wrong, which sometimes draw the line too far in terms of using his marital status as a commentary on marriage, which would be inappropriate. 

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Originally published September 19, 2012.