Wisdom from the Psalms 9/12

September 12

Psalms 113:7
He raiseth up the poor out of the dust, and lifteth the needy out of the dunghill.

A woman sat begging alongside a dirt road. Dozens of people passed her by without even affording her a glance. No one even cared to see that she wasn't begging for herself, but for the child she held tightly in her arms. At last, a young boy passed by and saw the woman. He journeyed home, gathered some food and a blanket, and then he returned to the woman and her child.

Selfless acts of kindness are the true signs of a Spirit-filled life. We can call ourselves Christians, but our actions must verify the claim. Mary and Joseph begged for help once in Bethlehem. How would we have responded if they had come to us to beg? How we treat people who are in need is Christ's criterion for judging how much we love Him. In all ways, we should strive to serve the poor and needy.

Prayer: Remind me that I merely serve Christ when I serve others. Let me serve gladly, without expectation of reward. Teach me to give to others as You give to me. Amen.

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