Weekly Focal Point - June 30

Amazing Grace

The doctrine of God’s grace reminds us that not only do we not deserve God’s love and forgiveness, but we actually deserve nothing from God but his exacting judgment. And not the kind of judgment which we would incur were we to sin against a fellow citizen, some high ranking diplomat, or even an exalted and holy angel. Our so-called “mistakes”, “impulsive acts”, “foibles” and “unfortunate oversights” are nothing less than treason against God’s eternal kingdom and our own personal assault against the Creator’s righteous standards of conduct. In a day when most secretly believe they deserve God’s love and find little real fault within themselves, holding forth the Bible’s definitions of holiness and grace may sound like a ludicrous and scandalous rant by self-loathing zealots. But God’s grace must be truthfully upheld even in an age that doesn’t care to hear it. Yes, the masses may still periodically sing about “Amazing Grace” and parrot words about being  “blind and lost wretches” in need of salvation, but few seem to actually believe it. As long as our culture continues to hide behind a growing list of excuses for our transgressions and sins, and fails to see God’s forgiveness as an inexplicable act of mercy, then we will never begin to realize just how undeserved and amazing the doctrine of grace actually is.
-- Pastor Mike

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