The Weekly Focal Point - November 23, 2017


You are Rich

Some days, for any number of reasons, you may feel like you have nothing going for you. On days like that be sure to remember that as a Christian you are richer than you could ever imagine. Of course the riches I’m talking about are far more profound than dollars in your bank account. Consider the God-breathed words to a set of Christians in Corinth who, by the way, had a wide variety of serious problems. God reminded them through the Apostle Paul that they had been “enriched in every way” (1Cor.1:5).

When you really stop to ponder what it means to be a Christian it is hard to spiral into feeling sorry for yourself. You have been “enriched” with an incredibly valuable forgiveness through the sacrifice of Christ (1Pt.1:18-19). You have as your Father a God who has taken an unthinkable interest in your life (Lk.12:6-7). The Almighty God now considers you his own son or daughter (2Cor.6:18). And God’s interest and care for your life is something he has promised to never withdraw (Heb.13:5).

So on “one of those days” be careful to resist the temptation to throw a pity party, and remember who you have and who has you.

--Pastor Mike Fabarez


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