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A Daily Word - January 2

January 2
Unclaimed Guilt

Someone once wryly described guilt as "the gift that keeps on giving." We can attempt to alleviate our guilt with rationalization, activity, and the passage of time, but nothing changes the fact that sin not dealt with by God lives forever. We can rename it, bury it, ignore it, or try to explain it away, but the bottom line is that sin—and the guilt that accompanies it—never dies until God gets hold of it. Until He does, we can expect to see our same tired sin all over again in a different time and place, like the recurring sequel to a movie we never liked to begin with!

I have seen more damage done to individuals and relationships by the ghost of guilt than from any other source. Frequently, the guilt of some past sin is carried from generation to generation, affecting the lives of those who may be totally unaware of its origin. In the world's major airports, unclaimed baggage or parcels are seized by authorities, because terrorists have been known to hide explosives in luggage, then abandon it. Psychologists tell us that the baggage of guilt and shame do not go unclaimed either. If a parent refuses to deal with his or her own guilt, a child will often subconsciously pick it up and carry it. There is a solution for unclaimed guilt. Let Jesus have it.

Guilt that is nailed to the cross is canceled. "He breaks the power of canceled sin, He sets the prisoner free."

Memory Verse
Having canceled out the certificate of debt…against us…He has taken it out of the way, having nailed it to the cross (Colossians 2:14).

Read Through the Bible
Exodus 12; Romans 5

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Originally published January 02, 2011.