Preaching Daily - December 21

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But I pray to you, O Lord, in the time of your favor; in your great love, O God, answer me with your sure salvation.
Psalms 69:13

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Will They Truly Not Depart?

When we read Proverbs 22:6 and say a child who is trained up in a godly fashion will always return to his roots, no matter how far he roams, it is true as a general rule, but not absolutely and always true, because every child has his own free will. But there is enough promise in this verse to let us know, when we are raising our children, that it is not in vain; enough promise to comfort the faithful and broken heart when the child strays.

Children are the source of great joy: Proverbs 23:24-25; Psalm 127:3-5; Proverbs 17:6. They can also be the source of great sorrow. The same man who spoke of children as a joy, as arrows in a quiver and said, "Blessed is the man whose quiver is full of them " — this was David, who also moaned those heartbroken words: "O Absalom, my son, my son. Would to God I had died for you! " His son Solomon would have broken his heart, too, if David had lived to see his idolatry. Rebekah said twice in Genesis that the marriages of Esau were a "grief of mind" and that she was "weary of life" because of him.

The waywardness of children is no respecter of persons. I think of a dear friend in the ministry who had a child on drugs, wandering over the country for years. No parent can point a finger at any other parent, for children are not robots who can be completely controlled, even by a loving Christian parent. And I do not wish to heap a pile of guilt on parents who have done all they could to train up their children right, and still the result has not been anything to write home about. There are no perfect parents, but most Christian parents I know truly desire to impart their faith to their children, and do the best they can.

(To read the entire sermon "A Promise for Parents" by Earl C. Davis at, click here)

Today's Extra...

This Week's Laugh

All Time Dumbest Questions Asked by Banff Park tourists (as heard at the information kiosks manned by Parks Canada staff):

1. How do the elk know they're supposed to cross at the "Elk Crossing" signs?
2. At what elevation does an elk become a moose?
3. Are the bears with collars tame?
4. Is there anywhere I can see the bears pose?
5. Is it okay to keep an open bag of bacon on the picnic table, or should I store it in my tent?
6. I saw an animal on the way to Banff today — could you tell me what it was?
7. Are there birds in Canada?
8. What's the best way to see Canada in a day?
9. When we enter B.C. (British Columbia) do we have to convert our money to British pounds?
10. Where can I buy a raccoon hat? ALL Canadians own one, don't they?
11. Are there phones in Banff?
12. So it's eight kilometers away . . . is that in miles?
13. Where can I get my husband really, REALLY lost?
14. Is that two kilometers by foot or by car?
15. Where do you put the animals at night?
(from The Daily Dilly)

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