Powered by 4 - December 16, 2014

Futile Pursuit

Today's reading: Proverbs 23:1-35

The first several verses of Proverbs 23 warn us against pursuing wealth and making it our aim and driving force. Verse 4 tells us straight up not to labor to attain wealth, and then we get a glimpse of the futile nature of pursuing wealth and money in verse 5.

There was a time in my life where the words of verses 4-5 described how I was living. My goal, my aim in life, was to have material wealth. As a result, my mindset was something like: if I could just have "x" then life would be perfect. Then I'd attain "x" and feel satisfied--temporarily. Within a few days, and sometimes only a few hours, I had a new "x" that I just had to have and once again, I was off, focused on my new quest.

Having things and using and saving money are all part of life. So what helps you keep the right perspective about money in this material-focused world? Tami

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