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Powered by 4 - Apr. 16, 2011

Remember Then Tell

today's reading.
Psalms 105:1    Oh give thanks to the LORD; call upon his name; make known his deeds among the peoples...

think about it.
With the Lord as the focus of praise, what is He praised for (105:1-6)? What covenant does the Lord make and uphold (105:6-11)? How did He honor it (105:12-15)? What part did Joseph have (105:16-22)? What are some of the works you reflect and praise God for?

the blog.
Recognize God for Who He is and then tell others--that's the message that hit me as I began reading Psalm 105. This chapter starts with thanks, but then instructs us, almost immediately, to "make known his deeds among the peoples" and to "tell of all his wondrous deeds" (vs.1-2).

Now before I can tell others about what God has done, I have to remember and recall them myself. What a good exercise to get our focus on God and to energize and encourage us on a personal level. And this remembering exercise will hopefully encourage us to tell others as well. (And here's the cool thing, when we share our experiences of how God has done wonderful things in our lives, we're witnessing!)

So take a few minutes and write down some of the wondrous deeds and works the Lord has done for you over the years. Read it over, maybe even read it out loud to yourself, and remember. Then, thank the Lord, and as you go about your day look for opportunities to tell others about God and His goodness to you.Tami W.

P.S. The P4 blog could be your first opportunity to tell others. I put a couple of things from my list below to get us started. 

--Allowing me to lose a job which was unsettling and scary, but ultimately moved me to a better job and caused me to grow like crazy spiritually.
--Sustaining my husband (and me as his supporter) through some significant health problems the last 7 years.
--Guiding and strengthening us through a long period of trying to sell our house.

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