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Pearls of Grace - December 21

December 21

The Heart Of God

 "I bring near My righteousness, it is not far off; And My salvation will not delay. And I will grant salvation in Zion, And My glory for Israel."

Isaiah 46:13

The heart of God longs to see every soul in eternity with Him. There is not one soul that God would not save if they cried out to Him. Jesus died for the world so "whosoever" would believe Him could be saved. Why? Because it was the Father’s desire. He wishes for none to perish –none. He labors with such love and patience waiting in the shadows of grace to extend His saving hand to the heart that reaches for Him.

Maybe you are like many who have had loved ones pass away without knowing if they gave their heart to God or not before they died. But we can rest knowing that God’s heart is to save before judgment; so much that He sent Jesus, His only Son, in order to save the soul that is lost. If God cares to the depth that He would pay such a high price in order to save, then we can trust that He will seek and search them out, being faithful to the very end, if necessary, in giving His children the opportunity to give their life to Him. Maybe you’ve been praying for a loved one to be saved, a husband, a child, parent, brother, sister, cousin, grandparent, co-worker, life-long friend, neighbor, etc. No matter how long it has been, know that God will work until the very last minute to seek and to save the soul that is lost. He is a soul searcher, and He will not rest from giving every opportunity to bring them to heaven.

Trust His heart, beloved, trusting that He worked even into the midnight hour and that He is working and will work in the future to bring His children to salvation. It’s His heart and you can trust Him. I believe there are many who will have such joy waiting in heaven when they see that precious one they loved standing on the shores of glory waving them home. What stories of grace we will share in Heaven as we speak of the Father’s goodness to save us.

For the Son of man has come to seek and to save that which was lost (Luke 19:10).

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Originally published December 21, 2020.