Pas the Day - March 10, 2018

In the day of my trouble I sought the Lord . . .(Psalm 77:2a)
Psalm 77 gives us as believers permission to lament, a concept often taught as inappropriate and something that should never be done. Almost every statement pertaining to Christianity today is anti-lament. That is, if you are stressed, you are not a Christian. If you make any statement of complaint, it is a display of the lack of faith. But the good  news is that you can seek God, not only in the good times, but also in the bad. You can turn all of your attention to God and rest completely on His dependability. 

Be challenged by Romans 

Romans doesn’t let us sit still. In Romans, Paul talks about the obligation we are under to spread the truth of the Gospel and to engage with the culture around us. He talks about the journey we must make after we accept the God’s gift of salvation. We are called to leave our comfortable and easy corners and spread the message of Christ’s sacrifice to everyone around us, because we have been freely justified!


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