Parenting by Design - March 1

Building our faith

Matt. 11:20: Then Jesus began to denounce the cities where most of the miracles had been performed because they did not repent (NIV).

More of Christ's recorded miracles were performed in Capernaum than any other city. It was here that He healed Peter's mother-in-law, the Roman centurion's servant, and the paralyzed man who was let down through the roof, to name a few. But despite these miracles, the people in Capernaum chose not to believe the gospel of Jesus.

While we all long to see miraculous acts of God in our lives, they are rare. And, if the people of Capernaum are any example, witnessing a miracle is no guarantee that our faith will grow. The tried and true method to strengthen your faith is studying and meditating on the Word of God.

Consistent time with God's Word, however, takes self-discipline! We must see our Christian walk as a marathon, instead of a sprint. There are no shortcuts. Biblical wisdom and an enduring faith are essential to parenting and we are much more likely to develop these when we feed ourselves daily with the Word of God.

Train for the long run with the Word of God.

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