The Greatest Hope - One Year Devotions for Women - July 13

Then Jesus said to them, “Don’t be afraid! Go tell my brothers to leave for Galilee, and they will see me there.” - Matthew 28:10

We must make it our highest priority to know Christ as our Savior. We need to become his disciples. But how can we know that Christ has come into our life? Will we feel different? Not immediately. But we should feel different in a week, a month, or a year. As we realize our wealth in him, we will understand and value promises like, “Those the Father has given me will come to me, and I will never reject them” (John 6:37). When we make Jesus our highest priority, we will find that he gives us our greatest hope.

Jesus has promised to keep us throughout life and to save us in the end. He will pray for us now, and he will present us before his Father and his angels with exceeding joy. He will introduce us to God in the courts of heaven as those who have trusted him to save us.

If you found a doctor who cured you of an incurable illness, you would surely share all the details with others who have that illness. Well, if you have found Christ, who has cured you of the deadly disease of sin, you ought to share your greatest priority and greatest hope with others! Why don’t you tell someone about this confidence you have in Christ? God makes us his priority, and we should make him ours.

For Further Study: Matthew 28:1-20 

Excerpted from The One Year Devotions for Women, Copyright ©2000 by Jill Briscoe. Used by permission of Tyndale House Publishers. All rights reserved.

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