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We will not conceal them from their children, but tell to the generation to come the praises of the LORD. PSALM 78:4

Five grown siblings came together at the event of their parents' fiftieth wedding anniversary. When the time came to express their thanks to each parent for the one thing that stood out above all in their memories, each of them—without consulting the others—tanked their father for his leadership in family worship.

One of the brothers said, "The oldest memory I have, Dad, is of tears streaming down your face as you taught us from Pilgrim's Progress on Sunday evenings. No matter how far I went astray in later years, I could never seriously question the reality of Christianity. I had seen it in you."

Whenever the subject of family worship comes up, you may feel guilt at your failure in this area. I understand that. Few things seem harder to pull off or easier to be put off. But when you consider the impact this one commitment could make on your own children for a lifetime, what could be more important?

It doesn't have to be tightly preplanned. Take five or ten minutes before school to read a devotional with your children. Schedule one night a week when you'll all be home to read a story and Scripture, sing (or make a joyful noise) and have some outrageous fun. Watch for those opportunities to practice "sandbox theology," turning your children's everyday events into spiritual training moments.

Don't miss this: Dad and Mom, your ultimate assignment as parents is to introduce your children to God; His Son, Jesus Christ; and His Word. It may be hard to start and a challenge to continue, but it will make a huge difference in how they finish. \


Talk about what each of you can do to be helpful and encouraging to each other in getting family worship started or in keeping it going.


Pray for priorities to firm up in your life, for incidentals to be seen for the waste of time they are and for God's Word to recapture each of your hearts. 

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