Moments with You Couples Devotional 4/18


A Mother’s Intuition


So that you may prove what the will of God is, that which is good and acceptable and perfect. ROMANS 12:2

One of the most difficult days I can remember was when I drove to meet my college-age daughter with the expressed purpose of encouraging her to break off a serious dating relationship.

I assure you, my decision was not impulsive but a result of prayer. By most accounts, the young man seemed to be everything we wanted for her in a husband. But when I went walking in the mornings, thinking and praying about this whole situation, my intuition just told me it wasn’t right. Dennis had questions of his own, and this confirmed my uneasiness. It’s very important that we allow our adult children to brave the hard knocks of life and establish their independence. But I also believe that when it comes to matters of romance and to life-changing decisions about marriage, there are times (not many) when we still need to make our voice heard.

Things didn’t go too well that day. She appreciated my concern, she said, but she was convinced I was wrong. As we drove away and our paths diverged once again, tears began welling in my eyes. I had to pull off the road, weeping, fearing I’d lost her forever. But the story didn’t end there. Over the next few months, God brought about a change in her heart, without further comment from me. Not only Dennis and I but also some of our other children—and even a good friend who eventually became her husband—were part of God’s instruments in helping her determine His will.

I learned that my mother’s intuition can be very valuable and on target when I’m seeking to walk closely with Christ and please Him. I also learned that my adult daughter needed her parents’ guidance and approval in this life-altering decision of choosing a mate.

In what areas do your children need your guidance right now? If your children are single adults, ask them how you can encourage them.

Ask the Lord for wisdom in dealing with your children, at every stage of life.


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Originally published April 18, 2017.