Moments with You Couples Devotional 12/16


It'll Be Good for You

Obey your leaders and submit to them, for they keep watch over your souls. HEBREWS 13:17

Every family has its own set of expectations that grow from a combination of core convictions and upbringing. Some of these can be little more than meaningless ritual, but many of them are healthy practices and preferences that we simply want as part of our family experience.

One example from our own family was our desire to sit together in church.

I had no biblical mandate to do this. I just always liked all my family there with me. I liked catching their eyes during the service and sharing a wink or a smile. I liked putting an arm around their shoulders and giving them a hug as we worshiped. No matter how old they were or how many times they asked to sit with their friends, Barbara and I held firm on this one. Church.

Us. Together.

And I'm glad I did. One day I was talking with an older teen, Katy, who remembered how in ninth grade she began doing more and more things with her friends. Every Friday night and Saturday. Even on Sunday morning at church, she'd hunt for her friends.

"But after a couple of years of that," she said, "I remember looking at other kids who sat with their parents and thinking, I'm missing out. I wish I had seen before how precious my time was with them and not tried to get away from it just because I could. Now that I sit with my parents in church, I can't believe I didn't want to."

Is it wrong to sit apart from your children during worship service? Absolutely not! But if you feel strongly enough about something like this, be the parent.

Tell them the sun will still come up tomorrow. They might be glad someday that you did.


What are some family rules or traditions you have been thinking about establishing? What can you do to implement them?


Ask God for the courage you both need to lead and love your children.

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Originally published December 16, 2018.